Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme

Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS

Save the DATE | Intra-Africa Cluster Meeting

| 7-8 February 2018

Dear Intra-Africa Coordinators,


Following two selection rounds under the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme, the Agency is delighted to invite you to an Intra-Africa Cluster Meeting.

The event titled “Intra-Africa Project and Mobility Management” Cluster Meeting will be organised on 7-8 February 2018 at Management Centre Europe in Brussels.

Objectives and activities

The cluster meeting aims at knowledge sharing, exchange of experiences and good practices to support and improve projects implementation.

More specifically, it will target to:

  • identify success stories and good practices, ongoing challenges/shortcomings related to the management of an Intra-Africa partnership and mobility projects in Africa
  • gather ideas on specific needs of universities, students and other stakeholders
  • discuss how networking and mutual support could help coordinators improve the management of their respective projects.

To these objectives, plenary sessions, workshops and structured networking activities will be organised. Testimonials from good practice projects, experts and practitioners will set the scene of the overall event and provide input to the discussions during the workshops and networking activities.


The event will gather the two generations of Intra-Africa partnerships and representatives from the Intra-ACP Partnerships. The Intra-Africa projects will be represented as follows:

  • 2017 projects: 1 or 2 representative(s) from each coordinating institution and 1 representative from each partner institution – including the EU Technical partner (i.e. all partners of each project)
  • 2016 projects: 1 representative from each coordinating institution and 1 representative form one of the other partner institutions (max 2 representatives per project).

As project coordinator, kindly liaise with your partner(s) as soon as possible to ensure their full participation.


Lunches and tea/coffee breaks during the event as well as a dinner on the first day will be offered by the European Commission. Other costs, i.e. travel, accommodation and daily expenditures, are to be covered by the lump sum under the budget line “Organisation of mobility” of your project budget. We recommend you therefore making necessary arrangements as soon as possible for the purchase of travel tickets to Brussels and accommodation of all participants from your respective project.

Official invitation, agenda and practical information will be sent to you shortly.


Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any further information.


Best regards,


 Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme


Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS

The overall objective of the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility programme is to promote sustainable development and ultimately contribute to poverty reduction by increasing the availability of trained and qualified high-level professional manpower in Africa.