Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme

Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS

Prof. Omar Egesah

Prof. Omar Egesah-, +254(0)714416408, holds a PhD in (Medical) Anthropology, currently works as a Lecturer and the Head of the Department of Anthropology at Moi University, Kenya (MU- He has researched in well over 20 different research projects that connect health with culture around various African contexts. He has published a book and has over 30 journal article publications. He has facilitated and presented at over 100 scientific conferences and workshops.

He carries an experience of more than 30 scientific research engagements that are contextual, national and international, especially in the areas of male circumcision and also culture and reproductive health and has published in renowned journals such as the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, BMC, Canadian Journal of Public Health, Sociology & Anthropology, AIDS Care and AIDS. He has a long standing experience teaching at Moi University and other universities and research institutes in Kenya and Africa.

He has contributed to development and review of a number of undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum including MA in Anthropology, MA in Medical Anthropology, PhD in Anthropology, MPH, MSc. In International Health Research Ethics and many more. Most interesting to this project could be involvement in European-African research, training and projects partnerships including projects funded by EU, WHO, FEATURES, DAAD, WOTRO, SRC- Swedish Research Council, AMREF- African Medical Research Foundation, CARTA- Consortium for Advanced Research and Training in Africa among others. Professor Omar Egesah  is one of the two Moi University researchers on this recently EU funded  project- AMAS Project- Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme- Grant Agreement nr 2016 – 2494 / 001 – 001 – Intra Africa Academic Mobility Scheme.

He is the Co-researcher for Moi University and overall Project Liaison (LEAR) and contact Person for the project and its partnerships. Moi University is the leading applicant and Cordinating Partner University of the project that brings together 5 African Universities and 1 EU Technical University. He has planned and facilitated various research and teaching collaborations individually and institutionally at Moi University. He is a lead consultant with a budding research consultancy firm based in Kenya- The Great Vision Research Consultancy (GVRC- and the Genesis for Development Foundation (GDF-, which fundraises to implement health and other interventions to serve the vulnerable persons including street children in Kenya.

Publications as cited, are available on;

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  2. ResearchGate at-

 Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme


Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS

The overall objective of the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility programme is to promote sustainable development and ultimately contribute to poverty reduction by increasing the availability of trained and qualified high-level professional manpower in Africa.


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