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Intra-Africa Cluster Meeting – Organisation

of Poster Session

Dear Intra-Africa project coordinators,

With this email, we would like to inform you on the organisation of the Poster Session titled “How does my project contribute to innovation in Africa?” and the preparation needed.


To highlight projects’ potential to contribute to innovation at individual, institutional and/or country/continental level in Africa. In other words, this session should allow the project coordinators to reveal innovative aspects of their projects beyond implementation of mobility.


The session should illustrate:

  • In which area and how the experience gained in the project and implementation of the mobility will bring innovation to Africa,
  • The future collaborations areas to deepen the innovation beyond the project.


Methodology of the session:


The project coordinators will be given a space in an exhibition area to deliver repetitive short presentations (each time max. 5-6 minutes) on their project. All other participants will walk in the exhibition area to attend different presentations, learn from them, share their perspective and explore new cooperation areas.


This session will take place between 17:30 and 18:45 on 7 February and will be based on a poster to be displayed in an exhibition area during the Cluster Meeting.


To explain and describe the innovative aspect of their project more visually, all project coordinators will prepare a home-made poster prior to the event. During the presentation and discussions, the poster will serve as a visual aid and a communication tool. It should include most meaningful and impactful information (text and/or visuals) to convey their message related to innovation through their project.


Content of the Poster:


The following information should figure out on the poster (together with some visuals):


1) Facts and figures about the project (1/3 of the poster), such as:

  • Project title
  • Implementation period- The action shall run for 60 months as of 01-11-2016 (“the starting date of the action”) and shall end on 31-10-2021. 01-11-2016-31-10-2021
  • Countries targeted
  • Logos of the institutions involved
  • Information about the mobility flows
  • Thematic area of the project

2) Core messages on areas of innovation (2/3 of the poster), such as:



  • Activities proving the innovative character of the project and its contribution to the promotion of sustainable development in Africa
  • Novelties (the quality of being new, original, unusual, unique) for institutions, countries and the continent in general (Which area? What? Who? Where? Why? and How?) within academia and beyond, business and communities.
  • Creation of innovative outputs (tools and methodologies)
  • Pioneering effects for individuals
  • Other areas of cooperation to widen the impact of the innovation.

How to prepare the Poster?


The poster can be prepared either on an A1 (e.g. flipchart paper of 63cm*76cm) or A2 size (42cm*60cm) paper. It is possible to use texts, pictures, graphics, etc.


Its content should not be confusing and overwhelming by depicting too much or should not describe too little to undermine project’s value and potential impact.

Here are some hints on how to prepare an attractive poster:


  • Everything on one visual: Everything of an important and relevant nature should be on that poster.
  • Order and flow: The poster should tell a story that the listeners can quickly and easily follow. Laying out the string of information and key points in a logical order is critical.
  • Focus and proof: the key to crafting a good poster is to focus as precisely and sharply as possible on the central ideas you want to convey.

Preparation of an effective poster is critical to the poster presentation’s success. That way, the coordinator will engage other participants, start conversations, help foster collaborations and network. The attendees will be looking for a clear snapshot of the project’s innovative aspects, so a good poster should be focused on single message, uses graphics and images to tell the story, and is well-organized and sequenced.




A photo of the poster should be sent to the Agency by email on 2nd of February at the latest. Of course, bring it along to Brussels as your hand luggage! 😉


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Looking forward to receiving your posters!





On behalf of the Intra-Africa Team

 Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme


Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS

The overall objective of the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility programme is to promote sustainable development and ultimately contribute to poverty reduction by increasing the availability of trained and qualified high-level professional manpower in Africa.